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Something we are particularly proud of regarding Permalift, apart from the formula, is its packaging. Permalift always strives for improvement, but something that has stood firm since day one is the product pens for lashlift and browlift. Its packaging is perfect for reducing wastage and waste of single-use items. With the help of the pens, you can apply the product directly and at the same time decide how much product you want to use = nothing for the garbage.

The product pens are enough for 20-30 customers depending on the quantity applied.

So what can you expect as a permalift user?

Effective and sustainable results, time saving, reduced wastage and best of all - satisfied customers!

In our webshop you will find a wide range of what you might need to carry out lashlift and browlift treatments. We are constantly working to produce news to be able to offer exactly what YOU need

Bild på våra testförpackningar i 2 ml

Do you want to try our products?
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