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Permalift Brow Mapping Pen - White

Do you think it is difficult to get a perfect shape on the shape of the eyebrows when you shape and color them? Then this pen is your savior in times of need! It's easy to draw with, it stays on the skin and works on sensitive skin! Perfectly suited to use as a "template" for plucking, colouring, threading and waxing the eyebrows.


  • The perfect guide to perfect brows
  • Simplifies colouring and shaping of the brows
  • Gives you a clear overview before you start colouring and shaping the brows, so they are even
  • Makes it easier to see which hairs to remove when shaping
  • How to Use
    Remove the lid and then just bend the template! Shape the eyebrows as you wish, then it's ready for your treatment. You don't have to worry about the lines being smeared. The lines only go away with water so it won't smudge during your treatment and won't be removed until you feel ready with your template. When you're done with the pen, you can spray off the nib so it's ready to use again for the next customer